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Septic System Information

Septic systems are site specific and many factors go into deciding the type of septic system that is best suited for your property.  Due to soil characteristics, septics can change considerably from site to site.  Some of the factors include but are not limited to the size of the property, the type of soil which is typically determined by a soil analysis test, the number of bedrooms in the home, and local regulations. 

Some septic systems will be designed as a conventional, or gravity fed system while others will be more advanced requiring additional components.  These additional components assist in the effectiveness of the septic design and can get quite elaborate.

SEPTIC EXPERTS, LLC can install or repair your conventional septic system or alternative septic system.  We are trained and authorized installers for the Puraflo peat fiber systems, Eco-Pure brand peat moss systems, American Manufacturing Brand Drip Dispersal Systems, Aquarobics Brand Mini Treatment Plant, Infiltrator Brand Chamber systems, Aquaworx remediator Systems and Orenco Systems.  Our vast knowledge, training and experience working with these various types of septic systems ensures that your septic system will be installed or maintained properly and efficiently. 

In order to give you a comprehensive education on septic systems, we have created the section below that will link you to specific information regarding septic systems specific to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the US in general.  In addition, you can click on one of the photos on the right to read more about that particular system.

A Homeowner’s Manual for Septic Systems - owm_home_manual_1b

Prepared by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, this manual is specific to NJ and outlines how a septic works, septic system operation and maintenance and how to tell if your system is failing.

Onsite Wastewater Management Program - This will link you to the NJDEP Onsite Wastewater Management Program page which contains information on Standards for Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems, Guidance documents for Alternative Treatment Systems, Real Estate Sales and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems, Technical Guidance for Inspections and more. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued The Homeowner’s Guide to Onlot System Operation and Maintenance.  This guide explains how an onlot system functions, signs of an onlot system in trouble, preventing malfunctions, conserving water and reducing wasteflow.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  This is a comprehensive guide useful for any septic owner regardless of what state you live in. 



Conventional gravity feed system

Gravity Absorption Field


Puraflo Peat Fiber Units

Infiltrator system

Pressurized Infiltrators

Mini Plant

Pressurized UV Lights


Plastic Septic Tank

seepage pits

Seepage Pit Installation

Tanks with anti-floatation features

Septic tanks on island with anti-floatation features

drip dispersal

Drip Dispersal System