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Portable Barge Service

Our portable barge service enables us to utilize a specialized method of pumping of septic systems for islands and lakefront properties not accessible by land. Shown in this photo is our custom vacuum tank for septic tank pumping via the barge.

This specialized method is our latest innovation using our portable barge. Launched in the year 2000, we are able to offer lakefront/island homeowners and lake associations the ability to maintain, update and/or install their septic systems by getting access to their property via the waterway.  Our barges are sized to fit many types of lake community and waterfront jobs and are easily transportable.  We have successfully installed over 40 septic systems for island and lakefront homeowners and lake associations.

Barge #1: This is our 8’ x 24’ barge equipped with paddle wheels to access shallow water and it has a 6 ton capacity.

Barge #2:  Our smallest barge with a 1.5 ton capacity and 8’ x 12 deck.  This barge carries our materials and some small equipment used on the islands and lakefront projects.

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