Septic Inspections

Septic Experts, LLC performs septic inspections during real estate transactions and for homeowners who want to be pro-active in selling their home.

We adhere to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection codes (NJDEP), as well as the nationally recognized PSMA/NOF septic inspection standards.  Our septic inspectors are certified through NOF (National Onsite Foundation) and are enrolled in continuing education programs to keep abreast of the changes and requirements in the septic industry.

A PSMA/NOF Septic System Inspection provides homeowners or prospective buyers with information about septic system components and current operating conditions.  Inspection results are based on the experience and expertise of our trained inspectors.  Each inspection results in a septic system report that states:

  • the type and condition of the system and its components
  • potential problems or “red flags” in the system and possible need for additional testing
  • list of corrective measures

Our certified PSMA/NOF septic inspectors will perform the following functions during a septic inspection:

  • Inspect waste line components inside the home
  • Inspect the interior of the treatment/pump tank(s)
  • Inspect all conveyance pipes to and from tanks
  • Inspect absorption field(s)
  • Provide a comprehensive report that’s easy to understand within 24 hours of the inspection.

For further information on septic inspections or to schedule your inspection, please call us at 973-875-8000.  We can also work directly with your Realtor and/or Real Estate Attorney to expedite the inspection process.


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