Septic Pumping Islands and Waterfront

Avoid embarrassing backups. Get Pumped Today.

Septic owners should pump their septic tank every 2 years to clean out the solids that accumulate in the tank.  Going longer between pump-outs increases the potential for solids and sludge to carry over to the field, shortening your septic system’s life span.

Not every septic pumping company is the same. Many companies pump out only the liquids in your tank. This is especially true if your septic system is in a hard to reach location, far away from the street or below street level. Many pump trucks are unable to properly pump uphill or over a long distance. If the average pump truck cannot get close enough to the septic system, the pumper will usually add extra hose even though the truck is unable to remove the solids in your tank when there is too much hose between the truck and your septic system. Our pumping systems are different. We can access your septic system via the waterway. We have patented barges that can come to your lake front or island home and properly pump out your system.

Liquids usually aren’t a problem in your tank. They usually flow through the system. Solids however do not leave your septic system. They accumulate and build up over time. When the solids build up too much, they “clog” the system and the drain field causing your septic system to fail. If your drain field becomes clogged, you will most likely need to dig up and replace your septic system. This is why it is important to use our pumping systems. Our pumping systems pump out the solids that have built up in your tank. Regular septic pumping’s will help your septic system to last longer and avoid a premature costly and messy septic system replacement.

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